Autovimation Mounting & Accessories Extensions-Special Options


autoVimation offers a variety of options and enhancements to the daily work and to facilitate the handling of the camera components.

  • The housing extensions allow to decrease the simplified setting of aperture and focus, and lens or filter change.
  • The mounting blocks are robust and inexpensive camera mounts.
  •  It is perfect for all applications where there is no all-around protection of the camera is needed.
  • The Position Rings enable reproducible positioning and orientation of cameras after dismounting.
  • The deflection mirror allows image acquisition at limited space.


As already known from the Salamander and Orca series, the new 30mm extension now also enables easier lens access for the Dolphin enclosure. The camera can remain mounted in the housing and still focus and aperture can be easily adjusted even with optics with a longer design. Of course, the extension also corresponds to the hygienic design of the entire housing series.


The 60mm housing extension is now also available with an M32 side exit for the Salamander. This enables a multitude of new possible variations in the modular structure of this enclosure series.

Salamander 60mm Extension with Side Exit

Autovimation Mounting & Accessories Extensions-Special Options