autoVimation Enclosures Megalodon


autoVimation’s Megaladon housing can be used for all cameras up to 62x62mm cross section and, depending on the corner radius, also for larger types. The “Reverse”-Version enables the use of all Orca front lids (incl. dome window). The tried-and-tested camera assembly also ensures excellent thermal connection in this model. The Megalodon is also suitable for larger Line scan cameras such as the Dalsa Linea.

With the “reverse” version, all Orca front covers (including dome windows) and housing extensions can be used. The Meganova ring light also finds space in the Megalodon. A special double window with germanium and glass is available as an accessory for the Flir A400 / 700. This opens up the possibility of using IR and optical cameras at the same time.


  • Cameras up to 62x62mm cross-section (depending on the corner radius also larger)
  • For lenses up to 87mm in diameter
  • With Meganova ring light usable
  • Heater or water cooling option
  • Dome lid enables fisheye lenses with 180° viewing angle
  • Standard BK7 windows for thermal cameras up to 2500nm
  • Germanium window option for LWIR cameras 7-14µm
  • Double window germanium/glass for Flir A400/700

Product Specifications

autoVimation Enclosures Megalodon