Ametek Phantom S640


The Ametek Phantom S640 supports cutting edge machine vision applications with up to 6Gpx/sec throughput provided through up to 16 CXP6 channels. A mechanical shutter and EOS lens compatibility allow remote black referencing and focus control to improve image quality. The Ametek Phantom S640 also comes with It comes with GPIO for Trigger, Event, Memgate, Strobe, and Ready signals, and Time Code In/Out with a time stamp on the frame.

S640 Features 

  • 4Mpx sensor with 10 µm pixel size and 12-bit depth
  • Data streams in up to 2, 4, or 6 Gpx/sec
  • GPIO for trigger and signaling
  • Record to DVR for long record time applications
  • Stream data directly to 4-port or 8-port frame grabbers
  • EOS lens compatible for remote focus
  • Mechanical shutter for remote black referencing
  • CXP6 and GenICam protocol compliant
  • Data conservation through reduced resolutions and 8-bit selection

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