Adimec QUARTZ Series Q-2HFW

Q-2HFW Highlights

The Adimec QUARTZ Series Q-2HFW 2Mpx CoaXPress camera brings a 1440×1440 resolution at up to 550 fps based on 12-micron pixels. The design of the pixels in this global shutter CMOS sensor is optimized for maximum full well performance. An industry-unique FWC of over 2-million electrons per pixel results in extremely low shot noise performance of 63 dB SNR. This enables the detection of very weak contrast variations in bright environments. Adimec offers the 2Mpx CXP camera in low power, compact outline design, not requiring forced cooling through a fan. This provides optimal design freedom for integrating optics and placement in inspection tools and microscopes. Similar to our Q-12A180, the high full well Adimec QUARTZ Series Q-2HFW 2Mpx camera is based on Adimec’s new second-generation CoaXPress V1.1.1 compliant 25Gb/s CoaXPress Quad interface. This interface is also fully backward compatible with existing V1.0 frame grabbers.

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Adimec QUARTZ Series Q-2HFW

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