autoVimation hygiene configurator


- Type in camera (camera body only, without lens mount and connectors), lens size and connector length

- Select an enclosure type

- Select the cable exit

- Select window size and type (if available)

- Select accessories

- Check the result based on the drawings, datasheets or CAD files

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Camera heigth (mm) Camera length (mm) Camera width (mm) Edge radius (mm)
Lens diameter (mm) Lens length (mm) Connector length (mm)
Total diameter (mm) Clamping area (mm) Total length (mm)

Enclosure Selection

Enclosure type




M32 hyg. rear

M25 hyg. rear

M32 hyg. side

M25 hyg. side

M25 side

Dolphin S Image Image Image Image Image Image
Shark S Image Image Image Image Image Image



Order Number


Dolphin S | M32 hygienic cable gland rear | 2 inch window 20.371.138
Dolphin/Shark mounting tool 80.006.101
Aufpreis 2 Zoll Acryl-Fenster FDA 20.000.032
Surcharge hygienic blind plug M25 80.005.014
PUR hygienic tube 25x19mm, price per meter 80.007.002
For open tube end ---
M32 cable gland V4A for tubes from 15-25mm 20.000.135
Thread sleeve M32 V4A 80.005.018
M32 cable gland with closed insert 20.000.034

2 inch window
Standard BK7 Germanium Sapphire IR Mirror Acrylic AR Acrylic FDA



Order Number


Adapter 29mm to M25 hygienic cable gland 80.005.001
Adapter 29mm to M32 hygienic cable gland 80.005.002
Hygienic cable gland M25 80.005.003
Hygienic cable gland M32 80.005.004
Hygienic cable gland M40 80.005.005
PUR hygienic tube 18x13, price per meter 80.007.001
PUR hygienic tube 25x19, price per meter 80.007.002
PU hygienic tube 26.5x21, price per meter 80.007.003
M25 Hygienic cable gland for 26.5x21mm tube 80.005.019
M32 cable gland V4A for tubes from 15-25mm 20.000.135
Hygienic blind plug M25 80.005.010
Step down adaopter M32 to M25 V4A 80.005.020
90° tube connector standard 80.006.002
Mount standard 80.006.006
Mount with M40 hygienic cable gland 80.006.000
Dolphin/Shark moutning tool 80.006.101
Counter nut stainless steel M25 80.005.006
Counter nut stainless steel M32 80.005.007
Counter nut stainless steel M40 80.005.008
Dolphin 30mm enclosure extension 80.005.030
Salamander/Dolphin position ring 20.020.003