Toshiba USA HD1 Analog IK-HD1D


The Toshiba IK-HD1D Camera Control Unit (CCU) is an interface box for connecting a Toshiba IK-HD1H 3CCD HD camera head to an HD video monitor. Nearly identical to the IK-HD1E, the ‘D’ model also provides analog and digital HD video connections, with the main difference being the substitution of a DVI-D output for HD-SDI. This means you can use lower-cost consumer HD monitors with DVI/HDMI connections as opposed to the more expensive HD-SDI displays. The remote interface is also different, an 8-pin mini-DIN versus a 9-pin DSUb, while the component/RGB connectors–in the form of three BNC terminals (Y/Pb/Pr)–remain the same.

Most camera controls are accessed from the front of the unit. These include a power On/Off switch, an AWB and gain switch, buttons for menu selection and a button to change scene files and display modes. The rear of the unit adds a 59.94i to 60i format switch as well as a key lock On and Off switch. Also located on the back of the unit are two sync ports, a wired remote control terminal and a 12VDC power input.


  • For IK-HD1H Remote Camera Head
  • 1080i
  • DVI-D, Component/RGB
  • Switchable 50/60Hz
  • 5 scene files

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Toshiba USA
Toshiba USA HD1 Analog IK-HD1D

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