Tecphos T223-CLCXP Converter


The Tecphos T223-CLCXP industrial converter connects CameraLink cameras to CoaXPress frame grabbers and other CoaXPress hosts offering multi-camera / multilane capability in a single converter! The T223-CLCXP combines multiple CameraLink streams on a single CoaXPress lane (bandwidth permitting).

T223-CLCXP Converter Features

  • 76mm x 93mm x 17mm anodized aluminum housing!
  • Compact connectors all mount on the same side
  • Integrated mounting features
  • Power consumption < 2 Watts (without PoCL loading)
  • LED status indicators
  • USB interface for additional status detail and user configuration
  • Test pattern generator for CXP signaling validation
  • Simple 75Ω coax cabling
  • Cable lengths up to 130 meters
  • Single conductor for image data, control, and power
  • Cabling Flexibility for tight bends, custom installations, and slip rings
  • Custom CoaXPress/GenICam to Camera Link control translation available

Tecphos T223-CLCXP Converter CameraLink Camera Ports

  • Base and Medium
  • Up to 85MHz
  • PoCL to Camera
  • 1-4 SDR Connectors

Tecphos T223-CLCXP Industrial Converter CoaXPress Host Lanes

  • CXP1, CXP2, and CXP3
  • 1.25, 2.50, and 3.125 GBit Signaling
  • Power over CoaXPress
  • 1-4 DIN 1.0/2.3 Connectors
Tecphos T223-CLCXP Converter

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