Sony XCL-S900C Area Scan Camera


Sony has made it easier than ever for customers to migrate from analog to digital with the introduction of four new CameraLink cameras, the XCL-S series. With their superb resolution (9M or 6M), these new cameras deliver a level of exceptional picture quality you’ve come to expect from Sony. The Sony XCL-S900C Series is ideal for demanding high-quality inspection applications such as display panels, semiconductors, solar panels, printed circuit boards, and pharmaceuticals. The Sony XCL-S900C inherits many convenient functions from Sony’s XCL Series, such as Bulk and Sequential Trigger, as well as incorporating some unique features, including Shading Correction, Defect Correction, and Temperature Readout.


  • Near-Infrared Sensitivity: Enables the camera to capture images in NIR (near-infrared) wavelengths. When used with an infrared strobe, the cameras produce outstanding picture quality in low light situations.
  • Shading Correction: Minimizes uneven image intensity caused by lighting conditions.
  • Defect Correction: Automatically minimizes defective pixels directly inside the camera.
  • Temperature readout: Eliminates the need for a separate sensor and simplifies system configuration.
  • Memory Channel: Up to 16 sets of camera parameters can be stored in addition to the factory default settings.
  • Bulk Trigger Modes: Allows the camera to capture up to 16 images in rapid succession using a single hardware or software trigger.
  • Sequential Trigger Mode: Allows the camera to capture a single image using successive setups stored in the memory channel.

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Sony XCL-S900C Area Scan Camera

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