Schneider Optics Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/97MM 16K


This high-resolution, high-speed lens is optimized for the use with 16k line scan sensors. It is broadband coated and can be used in the range of 400 – 1000 nm. The V-mount makes it easy to install and rotate into the “best azimuth” position to provide the highest performance for a wide range of high resolution applications.


The Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/97mm provides three specially marked iris settings:

  • f/3.2 is the maximum opening of the stop and provides maximum brightness. The mechanical vignetting at this f/# is only approximately 15% at the edge of the field. The MTF for 100 lp/mm is very high up to the edge of a 58 mm field, however at f/3.2 the lens is more sensitive to changes of magnification.
  • f/3.6 shows maximum MTF and practically diffraction limited performance over the whole field. The depth of field is bigger but the lens is still sensitive to magnification changes. At f/3.6 the lens shows only slight artificial vignetting.
  • f/4.1 produces more diffraction which reduces the MTF slightly but is now extremely homogenous over the entire field. The lens shows this performance for the complete magnification range from -0.74 < ß’ < -0.67 and performs well for a magnification range of -0.76 < ß’ < -0.65 at a 16k performance of 100 lp/mm.

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