Excelitas Technologies LS-6504-31


The Excelitas Technologies LS-6504-31 is a 6 Watt Pulsed Xenon Light Source which has been designed to combine state-of-the-art circuitry and components into a packaged light source that provides microsecond-duration pulses of broadband light with exceptional arc stability. The compact, integrated solution contains the flash lamp, trigger circuit, and power supply in an EMI-suppressant enclosure. The LS-6 series offers a wide range of flash energy levels and 6 watts average power in a compact, pre-aligned module. It utilizes Excelitas’ high stability short arc Xenon flash lamps. Known for their stability and long life characteristics, these Xenon lamps generate light over a continuous spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared. The Excelitas Technologies LS-6504-31 compact, Xenon light source is the ideal choice for clinical diagnostic, in-vitro diagnostics, life sciences, drug discovery, proteomics, and analytical instrumentation applications.

Excelitas Technologies LS-6504-31 Features

  • High radiant intensity
  • Continuous spectrum UV-VIS-IR
  • High Stability , <1% CV
  • Long life: > 1.0 x 109 flashes
  • 6 Watts maximum power
  • Integrated package—flash lamp, trigger circuit, and power supply, all in a compact, EMI suppressant enclosure
  • Flexible mounting
  • CE marked and RoHS compliant


Excelitas Technologies LS-6504-31 light source is used in applications such as…

  • Absorption analysis
  • Immunoassay modules
  • Fluorimetry
  • Spectroradiometry
  • Liquid and gas chromatography
  • Colorimetry
  • UV/VIS/NIR applications

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