Excelitas Technologies FX‐1151


The 1100 Series Short Arc Xenon Flashlamps from Excelitas Technologies are unconfined arc flashlamps which produce microsecond duration pulses of broadband light of high radiant intensities. Capable of operating at high repetition rates, the Excelitas Technologies FX‐1151 small flashlamp generates light over a continuous spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared. Exceptional arc stability and life characteristics will make the 1100 Series Flashlamps indispensable in precision photometry, radiometry, and spectroradiometry. When coupled with the 1100 Series Trigger Modules and highly regulated-low ripple power supplies, the short arc flashlamps make ideal sources of pulsed light for clinical and in-vitro diagnostics, life sciences, drug discovery, proteomics, analytical instrumentation, and machine vision applications. The 1100 Series offers a broad range of lamps that range in power from 10 Watt glass-bodied lamps to 20 Watt metal can lamps.

Excelitas Technologies FX‐1151 Features

  • Exceptional arc stability
  • High radiant intensity
  • Continuous spectrum UV-VIS-NIR
  • Long life
  • High repetition flash rates
  • Low heat Radiation
  • Microsecond flash duration’s
  • Various envelope features
  • No warm-up period
  • High efficiency in UV and Blue
  • Simple fiber optic coupling
  • Small size


Excelitas Technologies FX‐1151 is used in applications such as…

  • Absorption analysis
  • Immunoassay modules
  • Machine vision
  • Fluorimrtry
  • Spectroadiometry
  • Liquid and gas chromatography
  • Colorimetry
  • UV/VIS/NIR applications

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