EVT EyeScan ST 3D


The EVT EyeScan ST 3D is a 3D triangulation sensor with high-precision. EyeSens 3D Profile offers smart Profile Inspection completely without a PC. The easy One-Button-Training of the integrated inspection surface of the EyeVision software has ready-made inspection programs. Therefore the user can start the inspection immediately without much configuration.

  • Smart 3D Sensor – runs completely without PC; evaluation is carried out on the sensor
  • Compact hardware with FPGA and red or blue laser
  • Single-Button-Training of various profiles
  • Inspection for the correctness of profiles with repeatable accuracy
  • Process Mode with a ready-made application for Profile Inspection or
  • A graphical user interface with drag-and-drop programming and the EyeVision 3D Profile command set
  • Possibility to integrate further inspections with the Single-Button-Training
  • Further ready-made applications for Bent-Sensor, Glue&Seal-Sensor, Gap-Sensor, etc. available


  • 3D compact sensor with laser triangulation technology
  • Profile speed 3 kHz up to 6 kHz*
  • Integrated FPGA and high-precision 3D profiling
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Encoder Interface
  • Innovative 3D Sensor small and compact
  • Cost-effective and easy to handle


  • Bin-Picking
  • Weld seam and adhesive bead inspection
  • Sealant inspection
  • Automotive
  • Electronic
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharma
  • Robot Vision


  • Allows single-button-training of various profiles
  • Process Mode with ready-made applications for Profile Inspection
  • A pre-programmed profile inspection program
  • Easy-to-handle one-button-configuration of probes
  • One-button-setting of the EyeSens 3D Profile hardware
  • ProfileMatch available with all pre-configured commands

With each measurement command also the ProfileMatch can be activated. This means that a reference pattern is searched and compared with each captured image.


Model Min. Distance Z (mm) Max. Distance Z (mm) Min. horiz. FoV X (mm) Max. horiz. FoV X (mm) Resolution X Min. [µm] Resolution X Max. [µm] Resolution Z Min. [µm] Resolution Z Max. [µm]
AIC Saturn A60 90 245 60 150 60 120 10 40
AIC Saturn A70 80 195 70 125 50 100 10 30
AIC Saturn A90 70 285 90 230 70 190 10 70
AIC Saturn A125 150 375 125 240 100 190 20 60
AIC Saturn A135 170 470 135 100 110 240 20 80

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EVT Eye Vision Technology (Cameras)
EVT EyeScan ST 3D

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