Basler microEnable 5 ironman AD8-PoCL


The Basler microEnable 5 ironman AD8-PoCL is a PCIe image acquisition device that allows a full bandwidth connection of two CameraLink standardized cameras. This frame grabber focuses on high-speed image acquisition with CameraLink cameras and offers with DMA3600 technology and color pre-processing an ultimate access to advanced Machine Vision color applications.


  • CameraLink Full/Deca format standard
  • Professional high quality color support
  • Onboard color reconstruction
  • Industrial multi-device, multi-camera support
  • DMA3600 / up to 3,6 GB/s PCIe Data bandwidth (PCIe x8 Gen2)
  • Support of line and area scan color cameras
  • Broad support of Third-party software interfaces
  • Versatile application and industry usage
  • Flexible and extensible model series
  • PoCL SafePower.

Product Specifications

Basler microEnable 5 ironman AD8-PoCL-Photo-1

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