Autovimation Mounting & Accessories Camera Enclosure


The special protection tubes, cable glands, and seals enable the use of cameras, even under extreme conditions. There are ready solutions for high temperature, underwater use or chemical exposure.


  • Number Protective cable conduit Nautilus: 3m metal wound PVC coated IP68 tubing with 2 special cable glands and sealed cable exit, internal diameter = 16mm
  • Metal conduit protection tube with silicone sheathing, IP40, 31x36mm, with heat insulation, -60°C bis +220°C, price per meter
  • Strip wound metal conduit with PVC sheathing, internal diameter = 16mm, price per meter
  • PA corrugated conduit tube 28mm, price per meter
  • Metal conduit tube gland for protection tube IP40, 31x36mm, -40°C bis 125°C
  • Fire protection conduit, non-flammable calcium-silicate braiding with silicone sheathing, – 50°C to 350°C, short term up to 700°C
  • Metal conduit olive hexagon wrench surface, fixed outer thread metric or PG, incl. O-Ring, conduit clamp, -20°C to +250°C
  • Push in tube connector M32 for 28mm corrugated tube with M32 PA nut and seal
  • Push in tube connector M32 for 28mm corrugated tube with cord grip (only watertight with sealant!)
  • M32 push in tube connector 90° elbow for 28mm corrugated tube
  • M32 cable gland, Nickel plated brass with closed seal insert
  • Surcharge M32 Edelstahl cable gland V4A, Aisi 316L stainless steel instead of the brass version (all rear wall C)
  • Surcharge for large M50x1,5mm cable gland with 42mm bore for Mini- CameraLink
  • Surcharge for one set Viton (FKM) flat seals for Salamander enclosures
Autovimation Mounting & Accessories Camera Enclosure

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